Globalist Supression of Gold Value

As civilizations developed commerce and trade systems, standardized means to trade debt or instrument of trade negation of soon trade became desirable throughput a region. Various commodities were used, however to gold was considered supreme because its limited availability, durability, measurable consistency and unique properties in industry make it particular attractive and reliable as a the ultimate instrument of trade.

With Record High Values, The Gold Rush Is On Again!

Beach Nuggets glowing in the sun
Gold prospecting is certainly exciting, however gold mining can also be profitable. Its hard work, yet there is no better satisfaction than cashing in on your recreational efforts. Anybody who has found any amount of natural gold knows it takes determination and perseverance to make it pay. Key to remember is most, more than most greater than 999% of all gold on earth STILL resides naturally in nature, even in mass yet it has not been found. Why? Not for lack of trying, its just we don’t have easy access to where most free gold lies.