Globalist Supression of Gold Value

As civilizations developed commerce and trade systems, standardized means to trade debt or instrument of trade negation of soon trade became desirable throughput a region. Various commodities were used, however to gold was considered supreme because its limited availability, durability, measurable consistency and unique properties in industry make it particular attractive and reliable as a the ultimate instrument of trade.

Gold Discovery & Production Topics

.5oz gold vial
Topics to be explored are Gold History, Extraction and production. ethods employed for locating deposits including deposit and formation types including auriferous deposits from volcanic hydrothermal induced epidermal high, intermediate and low sulfide ores, sedimentary deposits in carbonate rocks (limestone), and silicified (quartz) veins at the boundaries of granitic igneous rock. Proven and promising methods gold extraction and concentration methods. Aqua-Regia, Hg and gravity. Specific techniques on o Panning, hard rock, placer and sulfide gold mining.