With Record High Values, The Gold Rush Is On Again!

Beach Nuggets glowing in the sun
Gold prospecting is certainly exciting, however gold mining can also be profitable. Its hard work, yet there is no better satisfaction than cashing in on your recreational efforts. Anybody who has found any amount of natural gold knows it takes determination and perseverance to make it pay. Key to remember is most, more than most greater than 999% of all gold on earth STILL resides naturally in nature, even in mass yet it has not been found. Why? Not for lack of trying, its just we don’t have easy access to where most free gold lies. That’s because it exists underfoot, in most cases many feet underfoot. Consider for instance the Mohave Desert in CA , it is a vast basin traversed by ranges. It is for certain that lode gold has been has been discovered in many surrounding mountains where bedrock comes to the surface, however substantially less has been found in the desert basin. This is because gold’s most extra-ordinary density flows to the lowest points, including beneath the surface soil, sand and gravels, below the aquifers, and into bedrock crevices and pockets. Most Gold is resting on or embedded in bedrock weather on mountains, valleys and rivers. You MUST get to the bedrock to find gold in productive quantities. The challenge is that easily accessible bedrock has been explored, and the easy gold was removed. That leaves what was missed, and unexplored. Lets go get it.