Aim of Gold Peeps

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Since the sites launch, I have had several fellow prospector’s ask why I’m publishing They know I have more then my hands full, so why do it and why like this?
Most prospectors I know are seeking hard core, actionable gold mining and prospecting information, not fluff. They having a difficult time appreciating the focus of the Gold Peeps site, as it being generalized and entertaining to a broader target audience. Perhaps if I explain my background and rationale, it will make more sense. First, I am a recreational gold miner and prospector in southern California with about 7 years of experience. In this field, that still makes me an amateur greenhorn, even with a handful of nuggets and gold vials filled to my credit. If I came across, I too wouldn't give it much thought and tossed off as another “49ers” gimmick travel site. But then, GoldPeeps isn’t only for me, its for the community. Fort the recreational gold prospecting and mining community at large. Its a social site. is first about people (peeps). Then its about gold, and attempts brings the two together for the benefit of the activity. Admitting ,with the media technology the result is a bit campy.
Again let me explain the objectives and benefits to the community. seeks to introduce the activity of recreational gold prospecting and mining to a broader audience than the traditional outdoor enthusiast for several important reasons:
1. To educate the public and government that recreational gold prospecting and mining is a large and growing, active and involved community that does more to care about the environmt. Education about the scope of recreational mining influences, benefits of methods employed and best practices afforded by miners. For instance, many people concerned about the environment do not realize that gold sluicing actually remove captures and removes the most harmful pollutants in the rivers, and it is in the miners interest to target and remove these heavy metal concentrates. Information such as this will make awareness to and help preserve our rights to prospect and mine gold, and to maintain access to public gold bearing territory. The community is under siege considering the assault on recreational mining’s legislated provisions and extreme limitations and access to public land. To survive, recreational miners need to harness media outlets and introduce everyday people to what the recreational gold and the greater gold industry is about so when restrictive legislation is introduced the community will be counted as significant and growing, and recognized as a positive and beneficial force in society. Not an impossible task considering that a minority band of Salmon anglers effectively outlawed recreational gold dredging - because - get this - they said its harmful to the fish population. Imagine an argument winning when designated Fish killers are accusing those who filter and remove heavy metal contaminates from streams such iron, lead and mercury and small amounts of gold and platinum from steams as adversely affecting fish populations. How ironic, yet this happened in California, the state and government implemented a ban on dredging based on this logic, and because the mining community wasn't as significant a political force. Because… “People still don’t prospect for gold do they?” (How many times have you heard that)

2. To embrace newcomers and amateurs in the activity by shine the light on the dark corners of prospecting. To cover aspects of prospecting and mining often kept hidden by prospectors and secret like a family recipe or magicians trick. To reveal and share techniques, methods and develop best practices. To share what works and what doesn't in particular hot spots, and and offer insights about specific claims and gold bearing regions. The advantage of the community by sharing lessons learned by the experienced to the novice is so that preferred practices are installed at the start (proper nail and metallic debris removal when detecting) that will benefit all who follow in their path. In addition information sharing reduces frustration and abandonment, less effect to the environment with needless trial and error, and increased public safety. Reward always go to those who put the effort in to dig it out, not to those who maintain a secret well and leave it untouched. From what little I have gleaned, the EFFORT is the SECRET to success.
3. Because everyday city peeps also are curious. The social networking types. They expect a slick, fun and entertaining place to discover what the “recreational gold mining activity” is about. Because every time I go out, I get someone over my shoulder saying "what’cha doing?" when picking away shoulder high in a pit. Two hours jawing and a couple of cokes later, I get to go back to work... I thought it would be easy to say, “check out GoldPeeps!”. From their initial expectation, its all about gold. From the gold investment ads on CNN to gold on their finger - to you digging down in the pit. And how it all relates. GoldPeeps attempts to do this, show how unique the material truly is, and how those characteristics have been exploited by civilization through the ages. And that's why some dude digging like a maniac in the middle of nowhere that generates an unusually high interest with passers by. If I were in a city sewer trench, folks would pass me by without a second thought. But that never happens in the southern California deserts and mountains. Not to me anyway.
While Gold Peeps leverages social networking and entertainment to introduce people into the site we capture their interest for the long haul with the alluring atmosphere of gold in history and potentials afforded to the imagination through the mental images created of recreational gold mining prompted by the sites media. Published DIY plans for equipment and your gold sampling advice is enough to open the door for many, others need inspiration, coaching and guidance. Suggested back road adventures, recommended organizations such as the GPAA and sites like NuggetShooter, and affiliate publications will further the interest by offering niche and in-depth aspects of the diverse gold topic. is just a trail head, and place to expose the path and get some guidance for the way ahead. A place for miners and gold enthusiasts to congregate, discuss and revel in all that is gold with a broader group.